Day 53: Pedersen Commitments and Confidential Transactions

Guilherme Soares
3 min readNov 24, 2023


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"In the ledger of blockchain, Pedersen Commitments are the ink of confidentiality, writing transactions visible to all but understood by few." - Blockchain Security Analyst

The world of blockchain technology is not just a story of decentralization and immutability; it’s also a narrative of evolving privacy. Among the various cryptographic techniques enhancing this aspect of blockchain, Pedersen Commitments stand out, particularly in their application to confidential transactions. Let's delve into this cryptographic mechanism and its role in ensuring transactional privacy.

Exploring Pedersen Commitments

Pedersen Commitments are a cryptographic tool used in various privacy-preserving protocols. They allow a party to commit to a chosen value while keeping it hidden, with the ability to reveal it later. This mechanism ensures that while the value remains a secret, it cannot be altered retrospectively.

The Mechanics:

  • A Pedersen Commitment is essentially an equation combining the value being committed to (e.g., a transaction amount) with a secret random number. The commitment conceals the value but is uniquely tied to it.



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